What’s Happening in Your Sunday School?

Press Release

Let’s check up on our Sunday Schools. Are we using the “helps” in the Church  to the greatest potential in reaching souls for Christ? Don’t let the answers to these questions be yours. This “interview” is just to motivate all of us to do our best.

Tell me about your Sunday School.

“Well, we have Sunday School every Sunday morning, beginning with a devotion, which includes prayer, Scripture and a song. After the offering is received, teachers take over We have good teachers.”

In your Sunday School staff meeting, what was your agenda?

“We haven’t had a staff meeting?”

How many of your class members were absent? 

“I’m not sure. “

Does your secretary have a list of members?

“I’m not sure.”

Has anyone contacted the absentees?

“I don’t know.”

How many of Sunday School enrollees were visited last month?

“I don’t know.”

Do you have an active extension department?

“Oh yes.”

Do you include individuals who are physically unable to attend Sunday School? Do you have someone to go and teach the lesson to them?

“I don’t think so.”

Have you attempted to create a Cradle Roll?

“No one in our church has babies.”

How many cards/letters have you sent out last month?

“None that I know of. People just don’t have time or the addresses.”

Do you pray for the Sunday School?

“Oh, yes. I mention the Church and Sunday School every time I pray.”

Are your children being ministered to through Children’s Church and  Vacation Bible School?

“We don’t really have enough children attending.”

How do you boost Sunday School attendance?

“Well, we don’t have a “special” boost, but it is announced.”

Have you observed special days, campaigns or promotions for Sunday School?

“We had community visitation once last year. We haven’t had time to do anything this year.”

Are you experiencing growth in your Sunday School?


This “interview” is presented with the disclaimer: The answers to these questions are fictitious and, hopefully, are not representative of our Sunday Schools. Please use the questions to check your diligence “to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”