Welcome to the new World Mission Drive webpage. On this page you are able to contribute to the March and October World Mission Drives and follow our fundraising progress.

Additionally, you will find fundraising ideas, news, and photographs from activities all around the world pertaining to the March and October mission drives. We encourage you to send us your ideas, news, and photos for inclusion on our site!

Our Progress

$118,489.91 as of April 14, 2023

World Mission Drive News

Fund Raising Ideas


Collect items from local businesses and auction them in your local church.

Coins for Missions

Encourage the local church/region to give to missions by collecting coins. Mission banks can be distributed to encourage participation.


Offer an item made by the Dorcas Club or the WMB ladies as a gift to the one who pledges the most money.

Food Fundraiser

Have a BBQ, fish fry, or chili supper. Check with local businesses for donations.

Walkathon / Fun Run

Have a walkathon or a fun run where friends and family donate to encourage participation in completing the challenge. Local businesses might also support the event as a gesture of goodwill.

Envelope Fundraiser

Take two hundred envelopes, and place a number on the front of each envelope. Pass these out to donors. Donors will contribute the amount listed on the envelope.

Baby Photo Contest

Have supporters supply photographs of themselves from when they were a baby. Others will then vote with their dollars on who is the cutest, funniest, etc. Individuals can also pay to guess which person is in the photo.