Cookie Sales Reach $1,000

World Mission Drive

The Church of God in Lexington, KY is a small church with just a handful of wonderful women with Sam Flora serving as the local WMB leader. Sometimes, it can seem like a large task to raise funds with so few people. However, Martha Berger did not let that stop her! Sister Martha bakes cookies and sells them to raise funds for the local church at Lexington.

This year, she kicked her cookie crusade into overdrive and sold so many cookies and candy that she raised $1,000 by herself! She accomplished all of this while taking care of her husband who was hurt and preparing for surgery. Sister Martha gives all the glory to God for the opportunity to accomplish this feat.

We also want to thank Missy Wilcox and Lisa Woodrum for their efforts toward this mission drive. Special recognition is also given to Anna Wilcox, Malley Wilcox, and Shirley Hamilton.