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We live in an ever-changing society, and young people of today's generation face much different social, moral, and ethical landscapes than those experienced by previous generations. The world is filled with sin, and it is imperative for young people to be equipped with the knowledge and wisdom of God's eternal Word.

Youth ministry is more than gathering a crowd for social fellowship. Discipleship is at the heart of youth ministry. Our goal is to evangelize young people and inspire them to develop into successful Christian adults. What is a successful Christian? It is a person who has a heart that yearns for Christ, a desire to be like Him, and a passion to spread the Good News to the rest of his or her community and peers.

Come See What the HYPE is All About

HYPE is organized and hosted by the Victory Leaders Band who will be providing an organized program for each rally.

Our mission is to help as many youth as possible everywhere in the world! Join us for a weekend of making great memories in these special events designed just for you!

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International Youth Rallies

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Greater Thing is a free, online show produced by the Victory Leaders Band. In each episode, we will discuss relevant topics with special guests speaking directly to young people about the challenges of day-to-day life.

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Make a Difference!

The Victory Leaders Band is tasked with the responsibility to fund the printing and translation operations of the Church. Learn More!
Do you hear the call to enter the mission field? Join one of our teams for an upcoming mission trip. Apply for a Team!

International Youth Camp

International Youth Camp is an annual ministry of the Victory Leaders Band Department. Each year delegates from around the globe gather together to better equip themselves to serve as staff members in the youth camp ministry. It is an opportunity for fellowship with others who share the common interest of seeing God’s favor upon these ministries. It is an opportunity to meet brothers, sisters, and leadership from around the world, and it is a time for worship services full of the power and zeal of the Holy Ghost.

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Upcoming Events

Youth activities are happening all around The Church of God! Attend a convention, camp, or retreat in your area!

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Social Media

Connect with us via social media to join in the conversation and fellowship with youth from around the world!