Sunday School is one of the vital teaching arms of the Church operating in all of our local congregations. Our ministry is dedicated to teaching to win souls by helping people see their sinful nature and leading them to accept Christ’s forgiveness. We also teach to develop souls by leading people into a fuller and richer spiritual life.

You are Invited!

Ready to learn more about the Word of God? Find a local church and get involved in Sunday School!

Sunday School Theme Graphic

Available Literature

Precious Lambs
Pre-School (3-5)
 Sample Lesson
Primary Champs
Primary (6-8)
 Sample Lesson
Junior Defenders
Pre-Teen (9-12)
 Sample Lesson
Teen Herald
Teens (13-17)
Sample Lesson
Treasures of Truth
Adults (18 and up)
Sample Lesson

All literature is produced quarterly and is available for purchase in our online store.