Mission Focus for March 2021

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Join us today as our World Mission Coordinator shares a few thoughts on the importance of staying faithful to the call of spreading the Gospel message around the world.

Mission Reports from the Field

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As part of our ongoing boost for the March World Mission Drive, we would like to share several testimonies from around the world. Today, you will hear from Julio Cruz, Joshua Nyamhuka, and Haroon Massey.

Mission Update – March 2021

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Join us as Sharon Griffin, General Womens Missionary Band Coordinator, provides an update about world missions to kick off this year’s March World Mission Drive!

Prayer is the Way

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Join us for a special broadcast from General Headquarters on January 19, 2021 featuring encouraging words from our General Overseer.

Christmas 2020

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Join us for a Christmas Eve broadcast with a message from our Communication Minister E. Roger Ammons

Prayer Request from Pakistan


In 1947, the year of the Pakistan’s independence, the situation for Christians became more complicated as this country officially became a Muslim state. Christians in Pakistan suffer from institutionalized discrimination, and occupations that are regarded …

Media Department Update

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The Media Department has been actively engaged in continuing the sharing of the Gospel around the world even during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Today, we look back at the work that has …

The Evening Light Update

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Since 1992, The Evening Light has served as the official publication of the Church. It is a source of information and communication between the global Church and our members and friends around the world.

Victory Leaders Band Update

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Rah! Rah! Rah! For Jesus we’ll win!  Our focus now turns toward our youth – the future of the Church.  Joshua Farthing, General VLB Coordinator, introduces the 2020-2021 theme – My Road Trip.

Evangelism Update

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Ready. Set. Go! There is a race to be run and work to be done in God’s Kingdom and the Church.  E. Roger Ammons, General Evangelism Coordinator, introduces this new theme and shares a reminder …